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When History’s truth is too dangerous to tell, what remains is Legend. Knowledge of the time is either destroyed or forced into code. Delange Designer Jewelry is more than Legend.  

Our symbols date back as early as 2900 BC, and hold within them ancient wisdom and power. Their origin can be traced through their lineage of protection, beginning in 30 BC with the collapse of Egypt’s moral foundations and carrying through the original nine Knights Templar. 

The knowledge the Knights were entrusted with protecting goes well beyond their connection with religion. Their guard sources itself with a deeper understanding and recognition of the Universe. Passed on through earlier shepherds, the Knights Templar took the reins ushering this wisdom into the modern age. 

It is a truth we all recognize. We experience this spiritual reservoir in tangible moments. 

Whether elated with joy or bended to knee, these moments provide space for a spherical and Universal force to present itself. These fleeting moments transform and define us. They plant in us a curiosity and desire to understand something greater. 

Despite lifetimes spent attempting to destroy this knowledge, Delange “from the Angel”, is a physical display of a protected truth. 

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