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 Delange jewelry is created with the deep inspiration of ancient cultures, deities and sacred symbolism.
The design team at Delange creates pieces inspired by artists in every realm, scholars of ancient history and renowned curators of museums around the world.
Each Delange piece breathes the French message, "from the angel."  


   Each Delange Piece is masterfully handcrafted and designed in the USA with a hint of sacred history and symbolism in mind.  
A deep imprint of the feminine is found in each unique piece that is created.
A profound meaning as well as a special blessing comes to the individual wearer of our pieces.   


All of our pieces that we have designed  honors the man who stands strong in support of the women in their lives.

Delange is delighted to work with several foundations supporting the empowerment of women. 

A portion of the proceeds of all the sales of our pieces will allow them to continue their important work.
At special times throughout the year, Delange is honored to allocate more to this very important cause. 

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