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Our jewelry is designed specifically from a protected knowledge passed down by a direct descendant of the original nine Knights Templar. 

His family’s home in the south of France, close to the Pyrenees Mountains, harbors an eloquent collection of protected history and artifacts. Built in 1619, it is located along the pilgrimage trails of St Jaques de Compostelle on the way to Oloron Sainte Marie.

As orders of the Knights Templar evolved, a core faction ushered original teachings the Egyptian Empire into the modern age. 

The demise of the Egyptians was the direct result of a moral erosion. As the balance of the Universe became rejected for greed and consumption, so collapsed the society. With this corruption and loss came protectors, those who understood the more valuable importance. 

This knowledge and truth has been eloquently passed down and its artifacts real. The energy they carry . . . the energy holds the answers to all we search to hold. 

The name Delange truly means “from the Angel.” This treasure passed down, rooted in the hills beneath the Pyrenees, is a gift. It has been quietly protected and passed. Each piece of jewelry in the Delange line holds this blessing. 



A unique knowledge and history is physically represented by each piece of Delange jewelry. 

We explain the meaning and energy of each specific item. 

Symbols representing protected artifacts secretly passed down through the centuries are carefully recreated. 

These symbols carry with them a special blessing passed onto the individual wearer of our jewelry.  



These wise and ancient cultures maintained a deep respect for the feminine. 

In honor of this wisdom and the gentlemen who stand strong in support of the women in their lives, Delange proudly works with several foundations supporting the empowerment of women. 

A portion of the proceeds of all sales go to these foundations helping them continue their important work. 

At special times throughout the year, Delange is honored to allocate more to this important cause. 

The Delange Team

Pierre Huguet, Pierre Delange

Pierre - Executive Designer & Owner

Distinguished engineer and professor, Pierre composes pieces for Delange through the inspiration of the history that has surrounded him. Many of the symbols used are from artifacts protected in his family’s home in the South of France. 

Inspired by his heritage, Pierre followed the teaching passed down through his family and the Knights Templar. Channeling a life force, he created a visual display of the Universal energy he recognizes. 

This display is Delange, “from the Angel.” 

His attention to detail, and partnership with individuals of both talent and vision, paves the way for pieces of unparalleled craftsmanship and beauty. Each piece carries a source and blesses it wearer.

Pierre’s devotion to the exceptional makes this possible. 

Tim Meier, Timothy Meier

Timothy Meier

 With over two decades of experience, Tim is our Master Jeweler. His execution of design and concepts in impeccable, resulting in beautifully finished pieces. 

In his own words:  "Artistic inspiration. The genesis of an idea to something in three dimensions   is what keeps me going. It's all about getting people in touch with the primal   human urge to make one's self more attractive by decoration. I'm just caught up   in the concept that jewelry is culturally universal, and accessible to people   on every continent. " that gives me pause and humbles me by thoughts of my existence, but the   enormity of the ocean, and the perfection of waves. It is the glow of a sunset   and the rise of the moon. A lotus flower is symmetrical, and it does no know   why. What does it mean that I am able to contemplate that? Why have I been   granted the gift of expression? 

Quincy Vadan


Quincy Vadan studied fine art and illustration for 6.5 years at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He was then awarded a prestigious, merit-based scholarship to attend Parsons School of Design in New York City. Quincy declined to pursue self-study of 3D art and cultivate his aesthetic palette. He spent the next 5 years incubating: training in cutting edge digital art techniques, advancing traditional art skills, combining the two, and applying them to his unique design sense. From jewelry to digital monsters, his designs, which are often described as “beautifully original,” “evokes awe,” and “of the future and yet eternal,” are the result of a decade of journeying to uncover mastery, beauty, and meaning.